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Dan Hesse for President – 2012!

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Dan Hesse, joined Sprint/Nextel at the brink of bankruptcy. He kept them away, and moved them forward. Now in March 2010, we have stemmed the loss of customers, Clear WiMax is full-fledged, and expanding, and Sprint’s Satisfaction Ratings are going up across the board.

If he can do this for Sprint, what do you think he could do for this country?

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This video tells us that he’s at least a moderate/centrist.

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March 13, 2010 at 8:55 pm

Being an American?

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What do you think of these 2 questions?

How can the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Patriot Act exist in this country concurrently?

Furthermore, If we’re supposed to be living in a Republic, why does everyone think we live in a Democracy?

Note, this video isn’t mine. It’s YouTube users’ NotForgeting.

If the song bores you, go to 0:40

He has brought up a great point. The Patriot Act, now supported by both Conservatives, AND liberals. Is in violation the United States Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

What a joke of a government that I am  really proud of… 😦

Oh Hillary, where are you? You support gay rights, we need em’ but how about everyone’s rights? How about American rights? Stop being Obama’s lap dog and do your damn job.